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Confused Over The Numerous Choices of New Launch Projects in The Market Right Now?
I see you nodding your head!


New-Launch projects are sought after by many buyers.


However, there is one problem that is overlooked by most during the process of finding a suitable property.


Buyers do not focus on the right new launch project that fits the needs of the individual buyer!

What Usually Happens

1. You come across an advertisement for a new launch project by an agent.

2. You are interested in the project and fill out a lead form that promises you floor plans and PSF.

3. You receive this information and immediately dismiss the project.

4. Continue looking at other projects with "potential".

5. Delay in obtaining a suitable home/investment.


Did you notice the issue here?


It might not be obvious to buyers upfront, but the answer is actually very clear for agents like myself.


Do you know the reason?

Here is my answer!


You're not being objective enough!

Now you will be wondering, how can that be the issue? With all the information that you are easily able to obtain, how does that make you a non-objective buyer?

This is because, you are a variable-focused buyer, and not an objective-focused one.

Now, I'm not saying that being variable-focused is a bad thing. It actually helps in gently framing your criteria for projects, and immediately disqualifies those that do not fit. These are straightforward variables like location, price, unit type.

Basically, any facts/figures that you are presented with that will cause you to immediately disqualify a project. 

My website, Estate Magnates, is created specifically for variable-seekers and has technically all the information you require. Do check out my blogs for more information. I have close to 100 articles that should be able to address most of your questions.

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Before I get to that, let me introduce myself.

Hey, my name is Joshua.

Some of you might know me as the guy who likes to write property articles and reviews.

If you are reading this, you probably came across this page from my article in regards to landed properties.


HUSH! It's super secret! Not many people know about this space!

If you are familiar with what I do and will like me to assist you in finding a suitable new launch condominium project, click the button below!




Otherwise... Read on!

My Expertise

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Besides marketing on the usual listing platforms like PropertyGuru,, SRX, etc. These are simply not enough to make your property standout from the sea of advertising.

What about video listings? 

Those are great, and I absolutely love what they are doing for the property market!

For myself, I'm taking a whole different approach. 

How many of you enjoy a good story? Like for example clicking onto a news article or getting lost in a good book?

These have yet to be explored in full context in our local market and  I'm probably one of the first 🥇 in doing it for resale listings.

Writing both resale and new launch property reviews again, again and again, made me really aware of what exactly sellers and buyers want.

Isn't that what real estate agents are supposed to do? To successfully bridge a connection and meet the needs of both parties?

I like to think of myself to be pretty good at this, but don't just hear it from me, hear it from one of my clients!

Convinced that I'm able to assist you with your new launch purchase? Click the button below to get started!

However, I can definitely assure you that no property will fit all of your criteria! This is where step 3, finding your objective lies.

This is the root of all your frustrations. Finding your objective is the simple step of prioritizing the variables that are most important to you by ranking them.

With these two steps sorted, finding the right purchase is extremely easy! Well, you can even do it without my help as an agent!


This is how seasoned real estate investors are able to make purchase decisions without flinching, and with conviction that they have made the right purchase.

This is also why "overpriced" new launches are being bought by clients, as they have a different objective from real estate investors.

I can tell you confidently that I’m able to shorten and simplify the overall process for you. But I’m only looking to work with serious, action-driven clients. This is for me to dedicate all my resources and time to the ones that matter.

If you are interested to hear from me personally on what I have to offer and can't wait, click the button below!

Here is what my clients have to say about my services!

Joshua Loo  CEA Reg. No.: R061655B

OrangeTee & Tie Pte Ltd CEA Lic. No.: L3009250K

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