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Our Stories

In addition to providing real estate services to our clients, Estate Magnates will also generate content to provide them with all in the information they need in making evidence-based real estate decisions.

We strongly believe that everyone should be in touch with learning more about Real Estate matters. As it greatly intersects will all other variations of investing on way or another.


Real estate agent services should be supplementary to your own knowledge as every individuals' situation is different and it is best to know how your current actions will impact your future.

Come along and read our stories! We will base our articles on factual matters and also hypothetical situations! We are sure that you will enjoy this refreshing new outlook on the real estate market in Singapore.

We like to hear from all our readers, and if you will like to leave a feedback in regards to our articles or to propose more content ideas, kindly send them to Thank you! 

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Let Us Help You Further

Real estate advice on the internet can be very general and might not be specifically applicable to your current situation. This is especially worrying due to the huge costs involved in every property investment.

Find out if the current direction you are heading towards is the right choice by making an appointment with our representatives.

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