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Detached House Along Lorong J Telok Kurau Review

This is a review of a detached house at Lor J Telok Kurau that is currently marketed by me, a part of the Landed Dynamic Alliance Group in OrangeTee & Tie Pte Ltd. This is to provide potential buyers with a more in-depth view of the property and all the details needed to make a well-informed decision. Should you require more information, feel free to write to or contact Joshua Loo at +6596329840!

Detached House along Lorong J Telok Kurau Review


A recent business Times article has mentioned that prices of landed properties have increased by almost 13.3% year on year. This was the highest to be seen in over a decade. With a decrease in overall supply in the landed property segment, right now we are entering a sellers’ market. As such, if you are a homeowner looking to profit from a rising market, contact me for a quick discussion on what we can do for your property.

Despite that Singapore landed market is in a sellers’ market, buyers do not need to fret much as we are still expecting a strong capital appreciation for the remainder of 2022. However, reduce your financial leverage as banks are increasing fixed mortgage interest rates.

When it comes to selling landed homes in Singapore, it feels like the markets are constantly fighting for greater capital appreciation on their land asset. This can be often seen where developers and homeowners are destined to be caught in an ongoing battle to secure the best possible land prices for their next development.

I’ve previously marketed a single storey house where this was the case where end-clients are seeking to redevelop the land for their own use, but sadly are often slower to act as compared to developers. The main reason is that end clients are always behind in terms of transacted prices. Prices reflected in caveats, although accurate, do not reflect market sentiments.

It was only in early 2021 I remember, when clients are asking me to help source them entry-level landed properties between 2-3mil. Right now, this figure has moved to a low 3 million. Is this still a reasonable amount?

Loss of Characteristic Homes?

The constant redevelopment of landed properties has caused homes to lose their character. I’ve spoken to builders and they have mentioned that some designs are no longer replicable as such construction methods have been forgotten, or these materials are no longer being produced.

In that respect, if you can preserve a particular look of a home, but at the same time, modernise it for everyday use, shouldn’t these homes appreciate strongly due to their increasing rarity?

A good example of such properties can be found in Braddell Heights Estate, which is one of my favourite neighbourhoods.

Chiltern Drive

A house along Chiltern Drive, Braddell Heights Estate. Old-fashioned? Yes. How about its looks? Absolutely drop-dead gorgeous!

A detached house like this is currently on the market at a price close to $9 million!

The house along Lor J Telok Kurau

This detached house in Lor J Telok Kurau that I’m currently marketing is one such misunderstood property. It is difficult for a realtor to capture such sentiments within a viewing and hence a long-form review is required.

Detached housing plots in the area are a rarity as this is not within a landed housing area. The increased intensity in the area results in the subdivision of land plots into smaller parcels like semi-detached housing and corner/inter-terraces.

While this means that amalgamation i.e, reducing the land-use intensity of a particular land plot, it is uncommon for developers to do so.

Interior Pictures



The approximate 37m long driveway leads into the car porch of land. Land parcels like these are usually termed a shy bungalow. While there is reduced frontage width, some additional benefits include an unofficial green buffer from Lor J Telok Kurau which is an otherwise busy street.

Neighbours Driveway

This is one of the residential lots along Lorong J Telok Kurau, and it shows does show the potential of having a long driveway. Having great landscaping makes a lot of difference.

I’ve personally seen some beautiful homes that have exceptional driveways with lush vegetation, to add to the air of mystique.

House along Mayfield Avenue

Flower arches can easily beautify a long driveway, and provide additional privacy. This house that I spotted along Meyer Road looks beautiful and is a great example of how a simple driveway can be transformed.



The porch includes space for up to 3 parked cars. However, if you have smaller cars or if you’re just good at parking, up to 5 is possible.

External Façade

Front Facade

The external façade of this house looks very similar to the one along Chiltern Drive and I feel that a fresh coat of white paint can revitalize its looks.

There is a small gazebo at the corner of the property which makes it useful for outdoor activities such as a barbeque party!



Upon entering the home, you are greeted in the foyer by a beautiful hand-painted, Greek mural flanked by decorative Doric order columns. This will be a recurring motif throughout the first level of the home. On the right is a full-length mirror spanning across the entirety of the wall. It’s removable so if you are looking for additional space for cabinetry this can be removed.

Living Room

Living Room

The living room is filled with decorative cornices. Unique to this property is a beautiful ceiling mural that will be lighted with cove lighting. This will be a beautiful showpiece at night when you are entertaining guests at night.

Should you not require the bar counter, it is easily removed for home entertainment appliances.

Dining Room

Dining Room

The dining room provides a seating capacity of up to 6 adults comfortably.



Ample space is demarcated for the kitchen.

Family Area (2nd Floor)

2nd Floor Family Area

The 2nd floor leads to all 4 bedrooms and there is space demarcated for tv watching.


1st Bedroom

1st Bedroom Walk-In Wardrobe

2nd Bedroom

2nd Bedroom With Attached Study

3rd Bedroom

4th Bedroom

The rooms are all spacious enough to fit in a king-sized bed frame with side tables. In addition, there is also space for a study table for all your work from home requirements. Some rooms come attached with a walk-in wardrobe segment or an adjoining room for conducive work.

Four out of five rooms are ensuite, so there is something suitable for every occupier!

Although the interiors are well-worn, this can be rectified with interior renovation affordably.

Sauna (3rd Floor)

Sauna Interior

This house comes with a functioning sauna!

Study Room (3rd Floor)

Study Room

Instead of a small dedicated space at home for work, this room takes up half the floor plate on the 3rd level of the house. This provides a quiet space to focus and work and if you need to take a short break from working on your computer, step outside onto the balcony for some fresh air.

The ceiling has an interior dome design which is simply beautiful to look at.

Master Plan

Lorong J Telok Kurau Master Plan

Lor J Telok Kurau is not located in a landed housing area. This means that increased intensity is allowed within the premises. However, these are still residential sites with little commercial/industrial uses, and I do not expect any changes to the master plan anytime soon.

Previous Proposed Outline Rejected

There was a proposed outline for the lot to be amalgamated for construction into a 3-storey flat development. However, it was rejected due to certain conditions not being met.

Perhaps with this notice of refusal, it is probably destined for this home will be better cherished by a new owner who appreciates its present beauty.


Shopping Malls

Lor J Telok Kurau is located right between Paya Lebar and Marine Parade. This makes travelling to shopping malls all within a 10 minutes drive;

Paya Lebar: Paya Lebar Quarter, Singpost Centre, Paya Lebar Square

Katong: I12, Kinex

Marine Parade: Parkway Parade


This detached house is within 1km of 3 good schools: namely, CHIJ (Katong) Primary, Haig Girls’ School and Tao Nan School.


This home is going for an asking price of $8.58 million ($1,247 psf). This is considered to be a fair asking price in comparison to past transacted homes.

Lorong J Telok Kurau Transacted Prices

If you are wondering what is the asking price excluding the path of the driveway, it makes it to be up to $ 1,598 psf. This is still considered to be affordable for a detached plot.

As there is a lack of detached plots found within Lorong J Telok Kurau, a fair comparison will have to be done against an estate which has a good number of past transactions over the past year. A comparison against Frankel Estate is suitable.

Furthermore, detached plots are rare to be found within landed housing areas for mixed landed types, and even so, its built-up will be up to 2 storeys. Lorong J Telok Kurau is not found within a landed housing area, and from the envelope control guidelines set by URA this home can potentially be rebuilt with a higher GFA (approx. up to max 3storeys with attic) subject to approval.


This is a landed detached property found in Lorong J Telok Kurau, and it is a rare shy bungalow plot as it is not located in a landed housing area. The overall structure has been well maintained over the years and only renovation works are required for the new buyer.

It has a fantastic location as it is within 10 minutes drive to many popular malls within Paya Lebar, Katong and Marine Parade. Popular schools such as CHIJ (Katong) Primary, Haig Girls’ School and Tao Nan School are located within 1km.

Its asking price is of exceptional value and it takes a buyer with keen insight to appreciate this home for what it is worth.


L: 6877 sqft approx

B: 4822 sqft approx

Level 1: Living Room, Dining Room, Kitchen, Powder Room, Maid’s Room, Gym Room

Level 2: Family Area, 1st Ensuite Bedroom with Walk-in Wardrobe, 2nd Bedroom with attached Study and Wardrobe space, 3rd Ensuite Bedroom, Bathroom, 4th Bedroom

Level 3: Study Room, Sauna, Bathroom

Open House at Lorong J Telok Kurau!
Open House at Lorong J Telok Kurau!

If you are an interested buyer, feel free to contact me at +6596329840 or for viewing arrangements.

The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in the text belong solely to the author, and not necessarily to the author’s employer, organization, committee, or other group or individual. The author does not accept any responsibility whatsoever for any harm or loss arising from accessing or relying on information contained in this blog post.

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