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Review: Freehold, Semi-Detached Landed Property in Lorong Siglap

Updated: Aug 1, 2021

This is a review of a freehold, semi-detached landed property that is currently marketed by me. This is to provide potential buyers with a more in-depth view of the property and have all the details needed to make a well-informed decision. Should you require more information, feel free to write to or contact Joshua Loo at +6596329840!

Home has been successfully sold. Thank you all readers for perusing!

If you have not yet purchased your future home, click here to see how I can assist you.

Review Freehold, Semi-Detached Landed Property in Lorong Siglap (D16)


Landed properties are such unique housing types due to their high price quantum and potential based on its construction potential, in which private owners can be involved. Paradoxically, a good 90% of these buyers do not purchase them for quick flips or investments. These purchases are usually done for their occupancy.

Even with the tight development control guidelines from the Urban Redevelopment Authority & Building and Construction Authority, there are plenty of interesting houses scattered across Singapore that has impressive facades and interior design.

There usually will be some form of compromise that directly conflicts with an architect’s true vision versus practicality, and this semi-detached house is like this.

It provides a proper maxed out build-up area for new buyers who are serious without fancy installations (i.e., swimming pools, lifts, etc)

Due to privacy concerns, not all rooms will be shown within the review. Contact me for more details.

Technical Specifications

D15, Freehold

Floor Area: 2746 sqft (Approximate)

Land Area: 1957 sqft (Approximate)

Facing: North East Facing

Price $4 million ($2,043 PSF) Negotiable

1st Floor: Living Room, Dining Area, Store Room, Granny Room, Common Bathroom, Kitchen and Yard

2nd Floor: Master Bedroom (Ensuite), Master Bedroom 2 (Ensuite)

3rd Floor: Bedroom 3 (Ensuite), Bedroom 4 (Ensuite)

Attic: Panoramic, unblocked view of Lorong Siglap

1st Floor

Living Room, Dining Area 2

Seen In Picture: Living Room, Dining Area, Store Room, Granny Room, Common Bathroom

The first floor is well ventilated with sliding doors which is not in immediate view in the picture. The kitchen wall cutout allows for good cross ventilation, with fresh air flowing in from the yard. Tile flooring helps the occupants to easily upkeep the home cleanliness as messes can be easily cleaned up.

If this is not a suitable aesthetic for you, vinyl flooring can be done affordably. This should not cost more than $5k.

The construction of this semi-detached is done in a way that there are few supporting columns, and the open floor plan, allows for the owners to easily customise the internal space.


Seen In Picture: Kitchen and Backyard

Kitchen carpentry is in fantastic condition, with the added convenience of a tall unit installed. There is space demarcated four a double-door fridge.

2nd Floor

Master Bedroom 1

Master Bedroom 2

Seen In Picture: Master Bedroom 1

The staircase landing is minimised on all floors to provide for larger bedrooms. Both Master Bedrooms have a small corner where you can fit a study desk. You can comfortably add in a TV console, sofa, a king-sized bed and a whole wardrobe!

Large window panels facilitate a good amount of natural lighting into the rooms and if you require privacy, you can draw the curtains.

The rooms are all ensuite, which is not shown in the pictures.

3rd Floor

Bedroom 4

Seen In Picture: Bedroom 4

Similarly to the Master Bedrooms, the rooms are very spacious. Technically there are no differences between the Master Bedrooms and normal bedrooms as both are approximate of the same floor area and are all ensuite.


Attic View

Attic Space

Seen In Picture: Attic Floor

Nearby Eateries

Distance to Frankel Avenue

Lorong Siglap is flanked by plenty of eateries which will make its residents spoilt for choice. Frankel Avenue has plenty of eateries such as Dutch Colony Coffee, Cedele, Peperoni Pizzeria, Wine Connection and many more. Dry cleaning, pet stores, veterinary clinics are present too.

Distance to East Coast Road

Upper East Coast Road equally have plenty of eateries too such as Tapas Bars, coffee shops and petrol stations.

Just along Jalan Tua Kong, there is Springleaf Prata Place, which is popular among the nearby residents. My personal favourite however, is Ah Lim Mee Pok, which is located at the junction of Jln Tua Kong and Upper East Coast Road.

Distance to Bedok Mall

Nearby schools include Opera Estate Primary School, St. Stephen’s School and Global Indian International School. Bedok Mall is a short drive away of 6 minutes.

Lorong Siglap lies in the middle of major road networks East Coast Road and Changi Road, which connects seamlessly to the heart of town.

Comparison to New Builds

Prices of new builds range from $2,500 PSF to $3,000 PSF. This semi-detached property was recently rebuilt in 2013, and at the asking price of $4 million ($2,043 PSF), should be an attractive asking price.


I believe this should be an enticing offer for multigenerational families due to its large bedrooms, saying which, does not detract from the size of the family area. The house is in exceptional condition as it was recently rebuilt in 2013, and has been owner occupied since.

Some improvements in regards to interior design works can be considered for the next owner, such as cabinetry for additional storage space. In addition, works such as vinyl flooring can be considered to freshen up the overall look..

Estimated costs for these works should not cost more than $15k, and is entirely optional.

Thanks for reading my review on this freehold, semi-detached landed property in Lorong Siglap. If you require more information in regards to Lorong Siglap, please read this review on Opera Estate Landed Properties. In the review, I talk in further details about the nearby amenities and shops which the area provides, along with a price transaction study on both new and older landed properties.

The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in the text belong solely to the author, and not necessarily to the author’s employer, organization, committee, or other group or individual. The author does not accept any responsibility whatsoever for any harm or loss arising from accessing or relying on information contained in this blog post.

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