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Singapore: The Best Transportation System in the World

Updated: May 28, 2020

Are you aware that Singapore tops the World’s global list in its transportation system in comparison to the 24 major cities? Public transportation is very important in large cities as it helps to efficiently regulate the flow of traffic, which in turn affects the strength of the economy on a macro level.

Ranking of Singapore's public transportation in comparison to other big cities.

Source: CNA

Why is it ranked the second, just behind Hong Kong? Based on the chart above, points are given out based on five core aspects which are availability, affordability, efficiency, convenience, and sustainability.

Singapore overtakes Hong Kong in points such as Public Transport Affordability, Public Transport Efficiency.


In terms of affordability, large amounts of resources are being used towards increasing the cost of running Singapore’s rail network, also known as SMRT.

Although the city-state has increased the total cost of around $270 million between 2016 and 2017, fare adjustment was not increased. In fact, it went down by 8.3 percent during that same period of time.

Only in 2018, did fares increased by 10 cents, which is barely enough to reverse losses of up to $86 million.


A major peeve of commuters is long wait times for their daily commute, before their morning coffee. That being said, Singaporeans on average spend a wait time of 12 minutes which is shorter than most major cities around the world.

Public transportation waiting times in big cities.

Having highly reliable transportation in the system means that people will be able to get to different parts of the island as quick as possible, with the latest Downtown Line (DTL), it takes only up to 67 minutes to reach one end of the island to the other.

This means that is very little time wasted traveling to work and back home!


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