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Review: Midtown Modern

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

Review Midtown Modern

UPDATE (04 February 2021): Take note of the following dates if you are interested in a Midtown Modern unit! Contact me now to reserve your interest!

  • 5th March - VVIP (Invited guests)

  • 6-15th Mar - Preview

  • 20th Mar - Sales Day

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With the successful launch of The M, can this be replicated for Midtown Modern? In recent news, there has been much interest in District 7 properties as gentrification has been seen to be settling in.

Those that know me to know that I love District 7 due to its hotchpotch of amazing architectural masterpieces. It’s an eclectic mix of brutalism, art décor, post-modernism and neo-futurism all bundled together.

All these somewhat “modern skyscrapers” are juxtaposed with the lines of conservation shophouses within the Kampong Glam Conservation Area, illustrating Singapore’s ideal of progressive growth for the nation while maintaining our cultural heritage.

However, this isn’t an architectural lesson, but a review on Midtown Modern! So, let’s proceed!

Talking about District 7 have got me so excited, that I’ll probably write a non-real estate related article on it in the future!

As Midtown Modern has not been officially launched yet, this will be a preliminary review. It will cover the basics like location and price. Do revisit this page for updates in the future!

Technical Specifications

Midtown Modern is expected to be launching in Q1 2021.

This mixed development will be called Guoco Midtown II, which will be an extension of Guoco Midtown mixed-used development located opposite Beach Road. These two developments will be linked via an underground tunnel.

Midtown Modern will the residential segment within Guoco Midtown II, and based on preliminary information will feature plenty of green spaces, with two 30-storey apartment blocks with commercial units at 1st storey with basement.



1 Minute Walk to Bugis Junction

Living in the Bugis area will simply make you spoilt for choice. It is just a mere 1-minute walk to Bugis Junction!

Also, Bugis MRT is a minute walk away from Midtown Modern.

Midtown Modern Suntec City

Walking to Suntec City will take a 10 minutes’ walk!

Walking to Arab Street will take about 8 minutes. This will be a good change from the shopping malls as Arab Street is lined with historic F&B shops selling Middle Eastern cuisine and a large variety of both textiles and perfumery.


Traffic Noise

Site of Midtown Modern

If you frequently take Exit 15 on the ECP, you will probably be aware of this junction, there will be highly likely a lot of traffic noise.

ERP Gantries

Midtown Modern Map

Midtown Modern is located just two streets away from The M, and the buzz behind its launch weekend will sure to spur interest in Midtown Modern.

Its great location, however, might be handicapped by the ERP gantries located by its flanks. Residents who are looking to head towards the city center will be marred by these gantries.

Although the site plan for Midtown Modern is not out yet, I believe that the entrance/exit points of the development should be towards Rochor Road, as it is capable of handling increased traffic.

Tan Quee Lan Street Entrance/Exit points will be more favorable however to avoid these ERP gantries.


Update (04 February 2020): The estimated price of around $3,100 PSF was done many months back. I'll leave the figures here just to showcase my thought process on that figure. However, I've just received an update that Midtown Modern estimated pricing to be averaging around $2,800 PSF!

Two of the most highly contested areas in regards to price PSF growth in District 01 (Boat Quay/Raffles Place/Marina) and District 07 (Beach Road/Bugis/Rochor).

In my review of Marina One Residences, a development that is located in District 01, I’ve mentioned that it is a good purchase albeit the high PSF cost. However, the driver of its capital appreciation is also dependent on new commercial/residential supply coming up in the area.

In my opinion, these are all excess reclaimed land by the Singapore government that will be further developed in the future. These will command a high asking price on top of the land premium.

Plots are also demarcated to be squarish, which provides for greater enbloc opportunities. However, this will be most likely to be for the next 30 years and not of any immediate concern.

If the wait for these capital returns is too long, District 7 can be considered to be “more matured” in terms of commercial/residential areas. But do expect a higher price.

Land Sales Comparison of New Launches

I’ve collated the above land sales data from EdgeProp, and if you will take a closer look at these data, you will find out that there is a fantastic play between these developers.

The reason why The M was so successful was due to the launch window. The average PSF between Midtown Bay and The M was almost $500 PSF! The mere profit on top of the breakeven cost was only 15%! This was in stark contrast to the 40% profit margin on average.

This might be due to the lower loan quantum that the developers took, resulting in less stress on cash flow.

Honestly, I don’t believe in seeing such a miracle to occur again. Realistically, prices will be similar in comparison to Midtown Modern, to avoid the developers cannibalizing its own sales. This is even with consideration that overall land and construction costs are lower than Midtown Bay.

With Midtown Bay close to $3,000 PSF, I expect Midtown Modern to be at $3,100 average PSF.

This pricing strategy brings to mind another project along District 21, that is the Mayfair Collection.

The Mayfair Collection comprises of both Mayfair Gardens and Mayfair Modern. Both have the same developers, but Mayfair Modern is slightly more expensive in terms of PSF.


This review is still rather preliminary, and we will need to wait for more information to be released.

However, my initial views are that this development is launching at a steep price which not many investors can stomach. It seems that the developer is potentially trying to break the price ceiling for D7. This is however standard practice for all developers in Singapore.

Its strengths lie in the convenience such as close proximity to shopping centers and Bugis MRT Station. This will benefit the Midtown Modern occupiers, and there is no need for private transportation at all.

UPDATE (04 February 2021): Take note of the following dates if you are interested in a Midtown Modern unit! Contact me now to reserve your interest!

  • 5th March - VVIP (Invited guests)

  • 6-15th Mar - Preview

  • 20th Mar - Sales Day

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Are you keen on finding out if Midtown Modern is an ideal investment for your specific financial circumstance? Contact me at +65 96329840 or send your queries to!

The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in the text belong solely to the author, and not necessarily to the author’s employer, organization, committee, or other group or individual. The author does not accept any responsibility whatsoever for any harm or loss arising from accessing or relying on information contained in this blog post.

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